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Membership Information

Why Become a Member?

There are many benefits to becoming a US Figure Skating member through Hawaiʻi Figure Skating Club. Here are just a few:

⛸️ Members of HFSC are part of a supportive skating community; our ʻohana provides skaters and their families the opportunity to make lifelong friendships and memories and a safe and fun environment for personal growth and learning.


⛸️ There are a number of social events each year held exclusively for HFSC members, including annual Halloween parties, “skate nights,” and other social gatherings.


⛸️ HFSC provides the opportunity for skaters to begin their competitive skating career. Though testing and competing aren’t membership requirements, aspiring skaters who wish to compete must be a member of US Figure Skating. (HFSC is a member organization of US Figure Skating; membership with the Club automatically makes one a US Figure Skating member.) 


⛸️ HFSC is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, which means that part of your membership fee is tax-deductible!


⛸️ A copy of each published edition of Skating Magazine from US Figure Skating.

Member Responsibilities 

⛸️ Pay membership dues for each active member every year.  Dues include membership in both the Hawaii Figure Skating Club and US Figure Skating.

⛸️ Provide 8-hours of volunteer service to the club each year per member. At least 4 hours must be in service to the club with the balance being fulfilled by either service or food donations.  A cap of 24 hours service is set per family with at least 12 of the hours being fulfilled via actual service.


⛸️Have fun skating and promoting the sport of Ice Skating!


⛸️ Each family must have at least one adult member – even if that member is not a skater.

How to Join


Please sign-up through EntryEeze.  


Contact Membership Chair, Frank Godek if you have any questions or would prefer to have a paper sign up form.

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