Videographer/Photographer for Spring Show 2017

Pre-Order Video for Ice Palace Spring Show 2017 Now!

We have arranged for a photographer/videographer to come in and record the Spring Show for us.  Alexey Volobuev of Drone It is going to do some great work and will provide us with some awesome products.  Rather than the single videographer that we have had for some time now, Alexey is going to have two cameras on the ground…  and a drone over the ice!  This should give him some really great camera angles to work with when he edits the video.  In addition, during the editing, he will be doing color grading, titling and noise reduction to produce a truly professional product.  So you can see an example of the work he has done, this link shows a commercial that he shot for Island Elite Cheerleading:


In addition to videos of both show nights, Alexey will be doing still photos on dress rehearsal night.  He will also take pictures when he sees special moments during the show.  The still pictures will be up on a website for you to choose from.


The club will be paying Alexey a fee for shooting and editing the videos.  We believe that working with Drone It will give us higher quality video products than we have had recently and will also give us the opportunity to get some really good still photos.  Because of the extra labor involved with shooting multiple camera angles and the editing that involves, the prices for the videos will be higher than they have been in the past.  It is our plan to sell the videos for $40 for one night and for $70 for both nights at the show.  However, if you pre-order, you can get the video for one night for $35 and for both nights for $60.  If you wish to take advantage of this, please click on this link to pre-order your videos:  When you order a single night, you will have to choose which night but if you need to change the night later, don’t worry, we can change it for you.