Skater of the Month: April 2017

The Three Moms:  Jill Dice, Carlina Florig and Shari Fukumoto

Hi! We are JILL (proud mother of Zofia), CARLINA (proud mother of Kristen), and SHARI (proud mother of Kyra). We are launching our skating careers with our big debut “Mamma Mia” at the Spring Show.  We are enjoying this experience along with our 3 daughters!

Jill started skating as a youth in Indiana.  She recalls skating on the pond and tripping over branches!  (Actually, she is already a big star since she has skated in several shows at the Ice Palace!)

Carlina grew up roller skating.  Then, she ice skated with her children as they were growing up.  Just this past year she took a few group lessons with the skate school.

Shari took adult group lessons with the Ice Palace for about a year and a half over 20 years ago.  Then, she took a group class with the skate school a few years ago.

Favorite moves to perform: triple axel, triple lutz, and quadruple flip

Favorite skaters: Our daughters


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