Skater of the Month: March 2017

Narissa Chen

Most of the skaters here probably don’t really know me. They have probably seen me around though. Anyway here is All About me.

My name is Narissa Kaya Chen, I am 10 years old, but I will turn 11 on March 14 (which is soon!). My coach is Coach Debbie. My most memorable skating moment was when I went to Las Vegas for my first competition. It was very nerve racking, but also very exciting spending time with the other skaters and going through my very first competition.

I started skating when I was in Junior Kindergarten (Pre-School). I started skating because my friend was taking lessons.

My favorite skating move is a scratch spin. My favorite color is either pink or blue and my favorite animals are puppies. My favorite book is Land of Stories.

My hobbies are reading and felting (to make felt animals).