Skater of the Month: December 2016

Sara Ota


reth6699Hey! My name is Sara Ota and I am the skater of the month for December! I am a 6th grader from Punahou school and I skate 5-6 days a week. My biggest accomplishment is competing in the central regionals in Utah in October, and I did great!! I have Coach Flo Steed and Coach Kahiapo Tavares who are great coaches that support my skating and that have helped me very much. I started skating in Baltimore, Maryland (where I was born) when I was in kindergarten. First to me it was just something that I did for fun but later when I moved to Hawaii, I started taking figure skating more competitively and seriously.


Favorite Skaters: Marin Honda and Shizuka Arakawareth6718

Kind of Skates: Boot: “Jackson Elites” Blade: “MK Phantoms”

Favorite Jump Combo: Double Flip-Double Loop

Favorite Spin Combo: Flying sit cannon ball – V spin

Goal: My goal is to get my double axel and my first triples by the next time I compete in the regionals again.

Most Memorable Moment: Kristi Yamaguchi Show ~ It was a fun experience to perform with the “Island Artistry” and skate with my friends in a group number at the Blaisdelle Arena. I met one of my favorite skaters which is Shizuka Arakawa, and I got to meet other skaters that I had seen on TV a lot.