Skater of the Month: November 2016

img_1583Kyra Fukumoto

Hello!  My name is Kyra Fukumoto.  I am 15 years old and I have been skating for almost 9 years.

My coach here at the Ice Palace is Ms.Jean.  She has always been there for me from the beginning.  She helps me when times get tough, giving me that extra boost of confidence when I perform.  Not to mention, the other coaches and wonderful skaters here at the Ice Palace cheer me on, whether it be here at practice or on the mainland when I have a competition.  I have made many connections with skaters here that I won’t forget, especially my extremely close friend Lillian Okamoto.  Although she moved away, I will never forget the duets I skated with her.  But, the memories don’t stop there.  I always enjoy making more friends at the rink or wherever my skating takes me.

img_1584I have a dream.  My goal is to work my way up to compete in a Winter Olympics.  Sounds a little crazy (maybe even more than a little) because I live here on a tropical island, surrounded by water, and I am going for the gold in ice skating!  However, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  It is what makes it all the more fun and interesting for me.  It pushes me and occupies my life, which is how I like it.  My friends, family, and everyone I encounter are always so very supportive and I can’t thank you all enough.

This past fall break I participated in the non-qualifying Regionals held in Ogden, Utah.  I took 3rd place in Open Juvenile girls, proudly representing the Hawai’i Figure Skating Club.   I am currently working towards next years’ regionals for Intermediate Ladies, which is a big jump in level.  By the end of this year, I would like to have all my doubles consistent and have landed a double axel.  As for my favorite skaters, I have many, but I am especially a fan of Gracie Gold, being that she is one of the few Olympians I have watched and spoken to in person.  I love everything about her, from her grace on the ice to her poise off the ice.

img_1581I love and live to skate.  Performing and showcasing my passion for figure skating is what I want to spend my life doing.  Hopefully I can share my skating with you.  And if you think you spot me, if the girl is covered in purple, it’s gotta be me!  But if not, hopefully you can see me on TV in the future!  ^-^img_1328