Skater of the Month: June 2016

Lina Gaylord


Age:  13

Hometown:  Kailua

USFS Tests Passed:   Pre-preliminary Moves in the Field, Preliminary Moves in the Field, Pre-preliminary Free Skate

Skating Goals:  Land my axel and pass Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field

Favorite Skating Move:  Spread Eagle

Favorite Skaters:  Kristi Yamaguchi, Charlie White

How did you start skating:  I was taken skating for my third birthday.

Who is your coach:  Coach Robyn

Memorable skating moments:   Getting the results from my skating tests.  Doing my first solo for competition.

Favorite food:  All foods except for the bad ones.

Favorite movie:  Too many to choose from.

Favorite color:  Purple

Hobbies:  Ice skating, Knitting, Hiking