Skater of the Month: February 2016

Carly, Kelsey and Josephine Litz

Litz Girls Christmas Show

My name is Carly.  I’ve been skating for a little over a year.  My dad is in the Navy, and we’ve lived lots of places. I was born in South Carolina and have moved 8 times since then! When we lived in Virginia, I noticed figure skaters at a local rink and really wanted to sign up for lessons.  My dad had orders to Japan, though, and we were leaving quickly.  I was sad to find out there were no ice rinks close to where we would live in Japan and made my parents promise that I could begin skating lessons at wherever we moved next.  To our surprise, we wound up on Oahu and I began my skating here.  My grandparents laugh that maybe I should take up hula or surfing, but the ice is my truest passion.  I currently skate 4 days a week and whenever we have free time, I beg to come to the rink to practice and visit with all of my friends.

My favorite thing to do on the ice is the waltz jump.  It was one of my first jumps and I practice it everywhere, even the grocery store.  Right now, I’m working really hard on getting my sow cow mastered.

When I’m not on skates, I usually wear my heelies.  If I can’t be gliding on the ice, I can at least roll.


Hi!  I’m Kelsey.  Ice Palace is one of my favorite places to go because most of my best friends are usually there, too. Meeting new people and making new friends is the best.  I think out of all the things I’ve learned in skating, I like the waltz jump the most.  I started skating about a year ago.  When all of my friends are on the ice, we have little competitions to see who can spin or glide the longest.  I’m hard at work trying to master my edges right now.  I really like participating in Beginning Artistry.  Dancing on the ice is really fun, and the challenge of synchronizing with my friends keeps it interesting!  My favorite skater is Kristi Yamaguchi.  Seeing her skate in the Golden Moments show was awesome.  Knowing she used the same ice as me to practice is pretty neat.

I was born in Oregon, and since then my family has lived all over the country and even in Japan!  Living in Hawaii has been really fun!  When I’m not on the ice, I’m practicing my skills from my Junior Lifeguard Club that I’m in at the Kroc Center.  I also love taking trips to museums.  My favorite is the planetarium at Bishop Museum.  Learning to cook has been a fun adventure.  My specialty is lasagna and I’m pretty good at baking, too.


Hi, I’m JosLitz Girls Waterfallephine!  Skating is my favorite sport!  I started about a year ago.  Right now, I’m in Gamma level.  Going to Ice Palace is always fun because I get to practice and visit with my friends.  I’ve recently starting learning the waltz jump and love showing it off whenever I can.  In the Christmas show, I got to do a duet with my older sister, Kelsey, and my dad played Santa!  We practiced really hard and I had a lot of fun.

When I’m not on the ice, I like being outside.  Going for walks, trips to the beach and the pool are my favorite things.  I’m also really good at hula hooping and can keep it going for almost 3 whole minutes. Listening to music and dancing is also something I enjoy a lot.  When my favorite song comes on, it doesn’t matter where I am, I’m going to dance it out!

After being born in Oregon, I’ve lived in a lot of places and have found something to love about all of them, but Oahu has been pretty awesome.  I’m learning to snorkel and love searching for seashells in the surf and building sand castles.