Skater of the Month: November 2015

Chloe Lee 2 - Nov 2015My name is Chloe Han Byul Lee and I am 7 years old. My middle name Han Byul means ” One Special Star” and I love what it means. I live in Kalihi with my mom, dad, and my cat Bono.

I am currently skating in Gamma level and I come to Ice Palace 4 times a week to skate.

My Coach is Debbie Lauer and I love her becuase she teaches me new tricks and how to become a better skater.

My favorite skating move is the waltz jump and the lunge. My goal in skating is to learn other jumps and spins. My favorite skater is Yuna Kim and I would like be a great skater like her soon!

Besides skating, I love to do puzzles, drawing and coloring. I like to play with My Little Ponies and Shopkins. My favorite food to eat are cheese pizza and miso udon.

I love to make new friends at Ice Palace!

See you on the ice!