Skater of the Month: September 2014

img_6996z-2 (2)Hi, my name is Sarah Taniguchi and I really LOVE Figure Skating. I am 8 years old and I go to Manoa Elementary School. I started ice skating at age 5.  My cousins from Japan took me ice skating and I’ve been taking lessons ever since. I started in the Tots class and now I am in Freestyle 4. I am working on my next US Figure Skating test level, Preliminary Freestyle and Pre –Juvenile Moves in the Field . I’m also learning new Jumps and Spins. I can land a Loop Jump. I am still working on my Flip Jump and Split Jump. The spins I can do are, One Foot, Two Foot, Scratch Spin, and I am now working on my Sit Spin, Camel and Lay Back. My goal is to land an Axel this year and win a Gold Medal at the Olympics in the future. The person that taught me all these wonderful things is Coach Debbie. Thank You Coach Debbie!! I would also like to thank the all Ice Palace Coaches for teaching me in classes, and the Ice Palace Staff for providing me a fun and safe place to skate. My parents are Jon and Naomi Taniguchi, I would like to thank them for always being there and watching me skate. Daddy always tells me to “Try my best, never give up and the most important, always have Fun.” My favorite colors are blue and green. My favorite animals are kitty cats and puppies. When I’m not on the ice I like to hang out with my friends, go swimming, or just play with my Ipod.  I am very happy that the Hawaii Figure Skating Club chose me as the Skater of the Month.  Thank you very much!!!