Skater of the Month: July 2014

IMG_0931Hi! My name is Anya Zoraster and I am proud to be skater of the month. I am 12 years old and my coach is Ms. Robyn. She is a great coach for me because she helps me with the difficult elements and helps me understand what I am doing wrong. I am currently in Freestyle 5 and have passed Pre-preliminary moves in the field and free skate. I love skating because I love learning new challenging elements. My favorite jump that I am currently working on is the split jump. It is fun because it takes very little effort and it’s an impression of the splits, but in the air! My goal by the end of this year is to land my axel and to be a more talented figure skater. I admire Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner because they have a good personality, technique, and grace. They both accomplished their goal – going to the Olympics. I hope to be as great a skater as they are!