Skater of the Month: May 2014


My name is Lillian Okamoto. I am very happy to be the 2014 May HFSC Skater of the Month!

I began skating 5 years ago in Japan. I remember pestering my parents to take me ice-skating for what seemed like forever. Finally, they took me to the closest rink, which was an hour’s drive away to join in a public skating session and to find out about group lessons. Both my Mom and Dad were very surprised to learn that they couldn’t just sign me up, pay the fee and have me begin. Nope that didn’t happen.


Figure skating was so popular in Japan they held a lottery each month to allow newbies to join.

Finally, after months of anticipation my name was finally pulled out of the lottery box and I was able to begin group skating lessons … Lucky me!

I love skating. It is a lot of fun learning new challenging spins, footwork, and jumps on the ice.

My favorite spin combination is the layback – haircutter, and an axel is my favorite jump.

My goals are to land all of my double jumps and to continue growing as a performer in the wonderful sport of figure skating.

Yuna Kim and Mao Asada are two of my favorite skaters to watch. During the 2010 and 2014 Winter Games, I sat in awe as they both skated absolutely amazing programs. I hope to make my skating look as graceful and effortless as they do.

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