Skater of the Month: November 2013

Catherine Mount

Hi, I am Catherine Mount.  I am in freestyle 3 and loving it!  I’m currently working to perfect my loop jump and my sit spin.

I have been skating since I was 8. Debbie Lauer is my coach, and she is great. My first coach was Miss Connie, after that I moved on to Coach Terese.  I am 11 years old and I go to St. Andrews Priory. I play the Trombone and Piano at school.  Going to school is my favorite activity, especially an all girl’s school.

I started Ice Skating because Coach Terese was my neighbor at the time and my dad promised me that he would take the beginner class with me. After I finished the Beginner class I wanted to learn more. I really enjoy Ice Skating and would love to keep going and moving forward.