Skater of the Month: August 2013


Thank you for choosing me as Skater of the Month.  For those who know me, my name is Alan Kirby. For those who don’t know me, my name is still Alan Kirby.

I have spent a lifetime on skates, first as a competitive roller skater, and after all the rinks closed I switched to ice.  It took me about five years to break many of the habits that worked fine on rollers but will cause you to crash on ice.  I have always had a love of music and dancing: folk, square, ice, roller, and even tap dancing in my younger days. Did I mention I’m 82 years young and I’ve passed my Bronze Dance Tests and am now working on Pre-Silver Dances and Adult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field? Those of you who are testing will see me in the judge’s area, trial judging and working toward a Bronze commission.  I also participate as a Hawaii Figure Skating Club Board Member.

My recipe for a long, happy life is to try everything at least once, do something you really love, and share it with others.