Skater of the Month: July 2012

Madalyn Purcell

Madalyn decided to learn how to skate three years ago and feels it has been a “brittle” experience, since she broke her wrist in the first couple of months.   Madalyn works as an attorney downtown, but the only LAWS she thinks about are the LAWS OF GRAVITY when she is skating! She is currently working on her Freestyle 1 requirements and hopes to land a waltz jump before she is eligible for medicare.

Her best friend, Tony Hunstiger, is her ice dancing partner.  The two of them are going to learn the bronze dances. She promises. She is grateful for all of the help and many skating tips she receives from her friends at the rink, including the wise coaching of Robyn Conboy, the slithery dance moves of Jennifer Jones, and the love of the sport from AK.  Madalyn’s other hobbies are ballet, yoga, reading and watercolor painting. ( It is like skating on paper, she says.)   Her favorite meal is pasta with kale and parmesan cheese with chocolate gelato for dessert. She is hospitality chairperson for the Hawaiʻi Figure Skating Club and wants to remind you that she may be calling you for a food donation sometime this year.  Her favorite color is blackberry.